Aardman’s LLOYD OF THE FLIES will tx on CITV 19th September, with 5 Episodes Written by Mark Oswin

This new series will feature 5 episodes written by the talented Mark Oswin: episode 4: ‘A Bug’s Afterlife’, episode 13: ‘To The Manor Swarm’, episode 23: ‘Double Glazed and Confused’, episode 39: ‘Glass Half Full’ and episode 45: ‘Dare You’. 

Lloyd of the Flies shines a light on the weird, wonderful, and sometimes bizarre world of insects and their behaviour. The series follows the adventures of Lloyd B Fly, who lives with his parents, his little sister PB and their 224 maggot siblings inside a compost bin they call home. In the series, Lloyd is always accompanied by his best and only friend, Abacus Woodlouse, PB, and eccentric tag-along, Cornea Butterfly. Together they explore the strange world beyond the compost bin, where there is no shortage of lessons for Lloyd to very nearly learn.

Mark was the lead writer on Nickelodeon’s award-winning GOLDIES OLDIES, and has credits on series including STILL SO AWKWARD/SO AWKWARD, 4 O’CLOCK CLUB and DANGER MOUSE

Mark Oswin is represented by Frances Arnold.