All episodes of OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH (BBC Radio 4) are available now on BBC Sounds, with brand new episode written by Adam Usden.

Our Friends in the North, based on the highly acclaimed TV series of the same name, has now been adapted for Radio.

Peter Flannery has written episodes 1 – 9, and our award-winning writer Adam Usden has written a brand-new 10th and final episode of the series exploring politics, corruption and the class divide in the north of England.  Adam’s episode brings the story to the present day, picking up several characters from 26 years ago…

All episodes are available now on BBC Sounds.

Adam won the Imison Award for his first radio play, The Book of Yehudit, and his credits for television include Ackley Bridge (The Forge/C4) and Zero Chill (Lime/Netflix). Adam is a graduate of 4Screenwriting and the BBC Drama Writer’s Programme and is currently working on a number of original developments.  

He is represented by Frances Arnold.