Barnstorm Theatre are presenting a new trilogy of plays at Kilkenny Arts Festival – with THE LAST TRIP TO TIPP directed by John Morton

Barnstorm Theatre are presenting BENCH TALES at the Kilkenny Arts Festival from Monday 14th – Sunday 20th August.

BENCH TALES is an exciting new trilogy of plays that turn the audience into sleuths and spies… ‘Each play takes around a different park bench in a different part of the city. The audience is led from one location to the next, eavesdropping on the action from a distance with the aid of earphones and binoculars. Both intimate and distant, high-tech and laidback, the BENCH TALES trilogy is a fascinating new way to experience live theatre.’

John Morton has directed the third play in the trilogy, THE LAST TRIP TO TIPP, written by Gemma Creagh.

‘It’s 1994. Lorraine, Emma and Mairead are three friends heading in very different directions. Well, not literally. Right now they’re all on their way to Féile – with one mouldy tent, ancient sleeping bags and a slab of cans, they wait on a lift from their flaky friend, Suzanne – who’s late as usual.’

To learn more about BENCH TALES, visit the Kilkenny Arts Festival website.

John Morton is represented by Frances Arnold.