Border Call on Radio 4 at 14:15 Today, written by Hugh Costello

Set in the year 2027, Border Call follows the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in the UK government, Helen Graham (Jane Slavin) as she faces calls for a referendum, or Border Poll, on unification.

Facing sleepless nights, Helen embarks on a fact-finding mission and charm offensive. But while appearing as a guest on a radio phone-in show in Dublin, a caller raises a traumatic event in Helen’s family’s past that changes the future for both her and the island of Ireland…

Directed by Eoin O’Callaghan and produced by Big Fish Radio for BBC Radio 4.

Border Call will air on BBC Radio 4 this afternoon at 14:15 and will be available to listen to after broadcast HERE.

Born in Dublin, Hugh Costello has written a number of plays for Big Fish Radio/BBC Radio 4. His last R4 play, Pretty Vacant, is a gritty satirical fable about shady dealings and thorny moral dilemmas, as a housing charity receives an offer too good to be true. You can listen to Pretty Vacant and Border Call on the BBC Website.

Hugh Costello is represented by Rochelle Stevens.