CASUALTY, directed by Hildegard Ryan, now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Hildegard’s two episodes of Casualty recently aired on BBC One: Road to Nowhere and First Date.

‘Road to Nowhere’, follows Ian as he uncovers a dark case on his search to find Elvira, and Ollie as he is led astray by his classmates.

‘First Date’, sees old wounds reopen as Ethan lands a date with a police officer.

You can find Hildegard’s episodes on BBC iPlayer now.

Hildegard’s previous credits include 8 x 10’ series Overshadowed for BBC 3 – which is also available on iPlayer – as well as episodes of Dodger and Still So Awkward. She has a number of original projects in development with her long-time collaborator Eva O’Connor.

Hildegard is represented by Frances Arnold.