Colin MacDonald’s An Eye for a Killing will tx on BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 4 from Friday 28th April

Written by Colin MacDonald and narrated by Jack Lowden, An Eye for a Killing tells the gripping story of Scotland’s most notorious serial killers William Burke and William Hare, who in 1828 murdered 16 people in just ten months. 

Colin went back to original trial records and witness statements to cast light on the lives of the victims – and to discover why only one of the killers went on trial, while the other walked free.  

Colin MacDonald’s epic five-part true crime audio drama An Eye for a Killing will be on BBC Sounds from Friday 28th April – and begins on BBC Radio 4 at 14:15 the same day. 

Radio Times listed the ‘atmospheric and chilling’ An Eye for a Killing in their choices of the week in print this week.

In this week’s print edition of The Observer’s Radio Picks of the Week column, Stephanie Billen wrote:

Colin MacDonald’s drama-documentary series An Eye for a Killing (Friday Radio 4, 2.15pm) offers a chilling account of Scottish serial killers Burke and Hare using trial transcripts to bring the centuries-old body-snatching scandal to life. James Boal is Hare, with Gavin Mitchell as the creepily insolent Burke, in this five-part evocation of a time when, as narrator Jack Lowden puts it, there was an acceptance that “life is cheap when lived but profitable when you are dead.”

Colin Macdonald is represented by Rochelle Stevens.