DENOUEMENT by John Morton published by Samuel French

John Morton’s remarkable new play DENOUEMENT has been published by Samuel French/Concord Theatricals.

Set in the year 2048, DENOUEMENT shows a couple married 37 years as they face their final hour at the end of the world.

Living in an isolated farmhouse in rural Ireland, they take drugs, say goodbye to old friends and former lovers, air old grievances, argue, bicker and ultimately, try to reconcile their relationship. They do this until the end of time.

Originally commissioned by the Lyric Theatre Belfast, DENOUEMENT had a stage debut planned in 2020, before the world became strangely similar to the subject matter.

It was adapted as an audio recorded reading co-produced by the Traverse Theatre and Lyric Belfast in September 2020, starring Ian McElhinney and Marie Jones.

Gareth Nicholls deemed John’s play “a funny, tragic and slightly absurd observation of what life might become… a dark warning about the future but far enough removed that we could be entertained by the notion of it.”

DENOUEMENT is a moving and timely two hander that will stay with readers and audiences until the end.

John Morton is represented by  Frances Arnold.