DODGER tx 6th February – 5.30pm on CBBC, with Episodes 4 & 7 co-directed by Hildegard Ryan

Dodger is a new comedy drama series for CBBC and follows the adventures of legendary pickpocket The Artful Dodger and his gang through Victorian London – a prequel to Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

The series will begin at 5.30pm on CBBC this Sunday 6th February 2022, with episodes airing weekly.

Episode 4 ‘Mudlarks’ is directed by Hildegard Ryan & Rhys Thomas – TX Sunday the 27th of February (available on the BBC iPlayer from 6th Feb)

Episode 7 ‘Nancy’ is directed by Rhys Thomas & Hildegard Ryan – TX Sunday the 20th of March (available on the BBC iPlayer from 13th March)

The trailer can be watched on iPlayer now.

Hildegard is currently in post on BBC 1 series Casualty.  Her previous directing credits include Still So Awkward (Channel X/CBBC), Dumping Ground (CBBC) and the Award-winning series Overshadowed (Rollem/BBC 3). As well as her directing work, Hildegard has a number of television projects in development with her long time collaborator Eva O’Connor. 

Hildegard is represented by Frances Arnold.Dodger