Dublin Fringe 2022: 5 star review for Eva O’Connor’s CONVICTION

Photo credit: Hildegard Ryan

CONVICTION is an audio play written and performed by the fantastic Eva O’Connor as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2022.  Audiences can listen to the audio play at St Kevin’s Park in Dublin whilst treading the same paths that Eva and her sister walked during lockdowns, as Eva poetically recounts her personal experience of the time. Homesick for the Dublin she once knew, homesick for the work she once had. Conviction is a reminder to keep going, as there is nothing else.

In his review, theatre critic Chris McCormack wrote:

“Not many theatre artists have made plays about their experiences of quarantine, how it separated them from their normal lives, and took away months of work. Eva O’Connor’s stirring audio play Conviction is an adaptation of an essay published last year in the literary journal Tolka. In that, O’Connor confessed to a private hell, of being glued to a bed, blindsided by grim thoughts, of crying nearly every day.

To a theatre audience, a return to lockdown could easily seem gruelling, but O’Connor’s story gains from the time that has passed, to lockdown becoming a bad memory. Experienced in the quiet surroundings of St. Kevin’s Park, it feels more like a soft calming admission, as if to say: yes, that did happen.”

CONVICTION will be available to experience until the 24th September with tickets available on the Dublin Fringe Website.

Eva O’Connor is represented by Frances Arnold.