Lucy Guy

Lucy’s background is in TV production, where she worked in development and as a script editor. Now she’s a writer, she wishes she’d been nicer to them when she had the chance.

Lucy has written extensively for live action and animation.  Her live action credits include Hank Zipzer (Kindle/CBBC), So Awkward (Series 2 to 6), Still So Awkward (Channel X/CBBC), Goldies Oldies (Nickelodeon), The Athena (Bryncoed/Sky) and Theodosia (Cottonwood/HBOMax). In animation, Lucy’s written for series including Danger Mouse (CBBC), Shaun the Sheep, The Epic Adventures of Morph and Scream Street.

In adult comedy, Lucy provided additional material for The Kennedys (BBC 1) and for three fast turnaround political comedies, Ballot Monkeys (C4), Power Monkeys (C4) and Election Spy (BBC 2).  Her original screenplay Mr Hollywood is with Komixx and Backbone was commissioned to second script by BritBox.

Lucy’s writing has been nominated for Best Comedy in the RTS North West Awards and twice for Best Comedy at the BAFTA Children’s Awards.

Recently, Lucy wrote two episodes for So Awkward Academy and is currently writing two episodes for So Awkward Academy 2 (Channel X/CBBC). She has also written an episode for new CBBC comedy series Pickle Storm (Black Dog Television) and is working on an animated feature project with Timeless Films.

Lucy Guy is represented by Frances Arnold