Joe Sellman-Leava’s FANBOY in Plymouth this week and VAULT Festival next week

Written and performed by Joe Sellman-Leava, and directed by Yaz Al-Shaater, FANBOY explores what it means to be a nerd in a love-hate letter to pop culture and nostalgia, asking why his generation is so attached to its childhood.

Joe himself has always been a nerd… in his teens, he hid it. In his twenties, he owned it. Now in his thirties, Joe is still obsessed with Star Wars and The Muppet Christmas Carol, but he’s started to sense something; a great disturbance within the fandom…

FANBOY is being performed at the Theatre Royal Plymouth 2nd – 4th March at 7:45pm each night, with a 2:45pm performance on the 4th. Tickets are available to purchase through their website.

FANBOY will then take part in the Vault Festival at Leake Street in London. Performances will be taking place from Tuesday 7th – Sunday 12th March at 7:50pm each night, with a 4:10pm performance on the 12th. Tickets are available to purchase through their website.

Joe Sellman-Leava and Yaz Al-Shaater are represented by Frances Arnold.