Joe Sellman-Leava’s WORKLIGHT THEATRE selected as one of The Pleasance Theatre Trusts London Associate Artists 2024-2026

Congratulations to Joe Sellman-Leava and WORKLIGHT THEATRE for being chosen as one of the six theatre makers on The Pleasance Theatre Trusts London Associate Artists Programme for 2024-2026.

WORKLIGHT THEATRE make devised and solo theatre, exploring our rapidly changing world. Delving into where the personal meets the political, and hearts and heads collide.

Their upcoming show, supported by the programme, is It’s The Economy, Stupid!. Where writer-performer Joe Sellman-Leava and designer Dylan Howells unpack the shared myth of money, and the stories we tell about it. Examining the weaponisation of economics within politics and asking why most of us don’t really understand the social science which profoundly affects our lives.

A work-in-progress performance of It’s The Economy, Stupid! is taking place at The Rosemary Branch on Sunday 28th January at 6:30pm. Tickets are available now.

Joe Sellman-Leava is represented by Frances Arnold.