Lesley Manning’s GHOSTWATCH in Empire Magazine’s 6 of the Best Films of the Month

The iconic GHOSTWATCH, directed by Lesley Manning, is one of Empire’s ‘6 of the Month’s Best Essential Movies’ list.

The film was screened this Halloween in various venues to mark the 30th Anniversary since it first aired on BBC1.

In the piece, Kim Newman wrote:

‘Scripted by Stephen Volk and directed by Lesley Manning, Ghostwatch is a pioneering mock-documentary horror movie, staged as a live ‘event’ for Halloween, hosted in the studio by Michael Parkinson, it has familiar TV faces (Craig Charles, Sarah Greene) commenting from an outside broadcast set-up in a supposedly haunted house. In a docu-style collage, the house’s evil backstory is pieced together, and experts theorise about the identity of bald ghost ‘Pipes’. Meanwhile, a hoax is exposed, and a deeper truth revealed, then things spiral out of control. The least interesting aspect of Ghostwatch is whether or not it was thought to be ‘real’. It was primarily great scary TV, using the medium in an inspired, terrifying manner.’

Lesley Manning is represented by Rochelle Stevens.