Life and Death in the Warehouse written by Helen Black will tx Monday 7th March on BBC1 Wales and BBC3

Life and Death in the Warehouse tells the fictional story of warehouse worker Alys, whose childhood friend Megan joins the same distribution centre as a trainee manager. In a desperate attempt to keep her new job Megan presses pregnant Alys to get her ‘pick-rate’ up, putting Alys and her baby at risk.

From the Bafta-winning team behind Killed By My Debt and Murdered by My Father, Life And Death In The Warehouse is an authentic exploration of working conditions in distribution centres, a world shrouded in secrecy where warehouse workers are subjected to a gruelling work regime and obsessive monitoring.

Written by Helen Black, the drama brings together an exciting cast of fictional characters which include Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Megan (Peaky Blinders, The Left Behind, Luther), Poppy Lee Friar as Alys (In My Skin, Ackley Bridge, My Name Is Leon) and Craig Parkinson as Senior Manager Danny (Line Of Duty, Doctor Who, Four Lions).

Helen spent over 10 years as a criminal lawyer before becoming a novelist.  She won a Kudos North Award for her first screenplay GALAXY and now has a number of original television dramas in development.

Life and Death in the Warehouse will tx on BBC1 Wales and BBC3 at 9pm on Monday 7th March. It can be watched on iPlayer afterwards.

Helen Black is represented by Frances Arnold.