Our Friends in the North starts today at 14:15 on BBC Radio 4, with episode 10 written by Adam Usden

Peter Flannery has adapted his landmark British TV drama for BBC Radio 4.

Adam Usden has written the 10th episode of the series, a new and original script set in 2020.

Adam told BBC “I wanted to build on this sense of how the previous generation had shaped and impacted the people who had come after them in ways that neither generation always fully understood. It was almost the perfect story to be able to pick up 25 years later, and to be able to take those core characters of Tosker, Mary, Nicky and Geordie and show how they had shaped the next generation, sometimes intentionally and lots of times in ways that perhaps they didn’t intend.”

Our Friends in the North will tx on BBC Radio 4 Thursdays at 14:15 and on BBC Sounds.

Adam won the Imison Award for his first radio play, The Book of Yehudit, and his credits for television include Ackley Bridge (The Forge/C4) and Zero Chill (Lime/Netflix).  Adam has recently written for Lupin (Gaumont/Netflix) alongside a number of original developments.  He is represented by Frances Arnold.