Tom Parkinson

Tom has been a writer/director of Animation for the past 10 years, working predominantly for Aardman Animations in Bristol, and Cartoon Network Development Studio in London. He specialises in short-form comedy for adults and/or kids.

As a self-taught animator and film-maker, Tom started his career in animation making his own short-films, scripting, animating, scoring and even voicing them all entirely by himself. Having won critical acclaim on the Animation Festival circuit with his first films La Fille avec les Oreilles du Jambon and The Adventures of Jeffrey: The Aussie with No Cozzy!, Tom was quickly picked up as a director by Aardman’s broadcast department, developing TV series ideas for kids and edgier adult content for internet/mobile phone.

Since then he has also worked as a writer/director for Cartoon Network and Disney.

He has been a writer and storyboard artist for the third series of Nickelodeon Animation series Sanjay and Craig  and has been commissioned by Nickleodeon to create animated short Ice Station Zedonk, and a series based on the idea is in development.

He is currently the Storyboard Director on the first season of Nickleodeon’s half hour animated children’s series Pinky Malinky.

Other projects include a feature film, an animated sketch-show, short-films, comics and nonsense poems.

To see Tom’s work, please visit Noznikrap.

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Tom Parkinson is represented by Frances Arnold