SUPERTATO, episodes written by Mark Oswin to tx on CBeebies

Mark Oswin has written two terrific episodes of the new animation, SUPERTATO, based on the books by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra.

The new series will be on CBeebies  with Mark Oswin’s first episode, Operation Jewel, to tx on Friday 21st October and his second, Banana’s Star Appeal on Friday 28th October.

Tune in to meet the world’s first ever potato superhero! The series will follow Supertato and his team of vegetable friends on their adventures within and beyond the supermarket aisles, as Supertato’s superhero skills defend them from arch enemy… Evil Pea.

Mark Oswin is an award winning writer in animation and live action for a young/family audience.  Most recently Mark was lead writer on GOLDIE’S OLDIES for Nickelodeon, and wrote 5 episodes of the new Aardman series, LLOYD OF THE FLIES, which are now available to watch on ITV Hub.

Mark Oswin is represented by Frances Arnold.