This Halloween Marks the 30th Anniversary of Lesley Manning’s GHOSTWATCH – Screenings, Q&A’s and Blu Ray Release!

Directed by Lesley Manning and written by Stephen Volk, GHOSTWATCH is a hoax horror documentary that tricked and terrified the nation, it has remained a classic within the horror genre since its release.

Watched by 11 million people in the first and only broadcast on Halloween night 1992, GHOSTWATCH haunted the British audience so much that it was banned for a decade after the initial release. It has never been repeated on UK television.

Using recognised broadcasters such as Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene and Craig Charles to document a haunting, many viewers were convinced that the events shown were genuine and taking place live.

Structured as a real live news event, the presenters document the Early family who claim they are being harassed by ‘Pipes’ the ghost, with the hopes of getting proof on ‘live television.’

A number of events are being held this month to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of GHOSTWATCH.

A screening will be held at the BFI with a Q&A with Lesley Manning and writer Stephen Volk on 28th October.

The National Science and Media Museum in Bradford will host an in depth screening of GHOSTWATCH on 29th October, with an introduction and Q&A with Lesley Manning and a post film panel discussion

Sheffield’s Celluloid Screams Horror Festival will host ‘Ghostwatch: A 30th Anniversary Immersive Experience‘ as part of the BFI’s #InDreamsAre Monsters season.

GHOSTWATCH will be released on Blu-Ray for the first time in the UK and USA on 31st October 2022 by 101 Films, this special 30th Anniversary release will include Lesley’s 2003 film ‘Shooting Reality’, a new making of documentary ‘Do You Believe in Ghosts?’, as well as new commentary and an annotated script from Lesley.

At 10pm on 27th October, Lesley Manning and Stepehn Volk will be live on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking to discuss Ghostwatch with Matthew Sweet and Lucy Arnold. The programme will be available to listen to after broadcast.

Lesley was interviewed with Stephen Volk in the 25th issue of Haunted Magazine to discuss the film 30 years on.

‘Horror Show! A Twisted Tale of Modern Britain’ will run at Somerset House from October 27th 2022 to February 19th 2023. The exhibition will explore creative rebellion through the last 50 years of horror in Britain in three parts ‘Monster’ ‘Ghost’ and ‘Witch’.

GHOSTWATCH will be included as part of the ‘Ghost’ act. Tickets can be purchased on the Somerset House website.

Lesley Manning is represented by Rochelle Stevens.