Brian Trueman

Brian Trueman came to ‘show-biz’ early but late to writing. After a confusing career as character actor, newscaster, Granada TV presenter and documentary producer, as a BBC current affairs and children’s programme front-man, he turned to even sillier things when Cosgrove Hall Productions asked him to write Chorlton and the Wheelies. There followed Jamie and The Magic Torch, Cockleshell Bay (both of which he voiced), Wind in the Willows, Dangermouse and Count Duckula – whose ‘Nanny’ he was. En route there were lots of BAFTA nominations (five in two categories in 1986) though only Alias the Jester came away with the well-known death mask. He adapted Terry Pratchett’s Truckers for Cosgrove Hall before contributing to Fraggle Rock (for Henson), scripting Budgie the Little Helicopter (for HTV) and co-writing (with elder son) The Treacle People (for LWT) which last collected yet another BAFTA nomination.

In between times, he’s written and/or produced a mountain of corporate videos and, more interestingly, a well-received but futureless musical with Carl Davies.

At the moment, he’s waiting to see what happens to a couple of books and musing over other projects. Or, he said, waving his Equity Life Membership card, “resting”.

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Brian Trueman is represented by Frances Arnold