Colin Wyatt

Colin originally trained as an actor and had a varied career working with the RSC, Danny Boyle, Mike Leigh and Button Moon amongst others. Whilst playing his 10th TV Policeman of the year, Colin realised he wanted more challenges in his life. Like most writers he started with a cathartic script, a visit to his childhood and death of his father. Skylark’s Mourning became his calling card and started him on the next 15 years of commissions.

From the early days of his acting career, Colin has always needed ‘projects’ in his life, be it staging plays in people’s living rooms, forming theatre companies, promoting concerts or making ‘films’ with his three kids. He has also had a range of diverse jobs, from cooking for Lord Byron Windsor to road sweeper and as a bouncer at London Nightclubs.

In 2003 Colin wrote the first of many episodes for the BBC One flagship drama EastEnders. He continues on the show with current episodes due to tx through 2017. Alongside Eastenders, Colin is writing for Judge Dee (87 Films), recently wrote a spec first episode for his original animal crime unit series Beasts and is developing original drama projects: The Tent, and Kelly’s Eye.

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Colin Wyatt is represented by Frances Arnold