Matt Sinclair

In 1977 Matt’s mum and dad took him to see Star Wars at the Empire Leicester Square and his tiny infant mind was blown.

Matt‘s tiny infant mind was blown again, fifteen years later, when he studied Literature & Philosophy at Middlesex Polytechnic.

Matt ended up working in technology as an IT manager at the Guardian & Observer Newspapers, but after 10 years, and with a MA in screenwriting under his belt, Matt gave up technology and broadsheets to write. Matt was subsequently selected by CBBC to attend a residential workshop with his drama series The Magician’s Daughter.

Matt’s first script commission was for The Sparticle Mystery III/CBBC, it went well and he ended up writing three episodes.  Matt has since written episodes for the BAFTA award winning CBBC series Wolfblood and for CBBC/ZDF/Netflix drama Worst Witch.

Matt is has written his second script for CBBC’s The Dumping Ground, and episodes of Jamie Johnson for Short Form Film/CBBC . He recently wrote two scripts for the second season of Silverpoint for Zodiak Kids.

Matt is in development with Nordisch Film and TV in Hamburg on two teen shows, an environmental drama, and a sci-fi series both aimed at international co-production.

With Jim bob, the leader singer of Carter USM, Matt is co-writing a comedy based on Jim bob’s novel Storage Stories. His original ideas for children and adults include Lifted – a personal drama with a sci-fi twist, and Burn & Rave, about a criminally delinquent teen completing a restorative justice programme at a care home.

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Matt Sinclair is represented by Frances Arnold